Whitworth Sniper Rifle
Whitworth rifle


Sniper Rifle


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The Whitworth Sniper Rifle is a weapon found in Civil War: Secret Missions.


The Whitworth was a British manufactured rifle designed for use by hunters and sharpshooters. Many were exported to the South during the Civil War, and proved to be very popular among Confederate marksmen.


The Whitworth can be seen during the first mission, Dawn at Chancelorsville. The player can pick one up inside the church at the very begining. Another is acquired in Sharpshooters at Devil's Den.

The weapon is by far the most accurate in the Confederate arsenal, and is matched only by the Union's Sharps Rifle. It is fitted with a telescopic site for increased range. Although the weapon has a relatively slow reload time due to it being a muzzle loader, the Whitworth possesses extraordinary stopping power, capable of taking out almost all enemies with one shot no matter where the hit location. Its effective range is well above that of the standard repeaters or carbines, and seems to only lose velocity if passing through an obstruction, such as a bush or tree.